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Marieberg´s adventures are unforgettable. Out in the game preserve await a host of exciting activities - a trial course with 4-wheel drive vehicles and tracked vehicles, snowmobiles, log fluming, archery, clay pigeon shooting and blowpipes to name but a few.

There is also a wood-fired sauna stretching out over the creek. Just throw yourself in when you need to cool down. Skogskrogen is an 18th century timber cottage where we prepare and enjoy an exclusive game meal over a crackling fire in the light of a paraffin lamp. Experience the 1940s in a model 39, take part in a pentathlon, cook food in the field kitchen and stay at the military camp.

Prices do not include Swedish value added tax.

Triathlon – Terrain vehicle safari with group sport and lunch

Prices from 650-1050 SEK per person, around 4 hours
Read more about the Triathlon here (pdf)

The Cannons on Häggmansberget - for those yearning to be on the front line.

Prices from 1,650 SEK per person. Whole day activity with accommodation

Build a bridge - perfect for teambuilding

Price: 1800-2500 SEK

Duration: Whole day activity includes accomodation

Fiskelyckan Summer. Try your hand at netting whitefish from the Neupola Falls as in the old tradition. Grilled whitefish, flat bread and cooked coffee. We also offer salmon and pike fishing by boat.

Price from 500-1500 SEK per person
Duration: around 2 hours

Fiskelyckan Winter. Snowmobile to Stora Lappträsk where we go ice-fishing. Land your own rainbow trout and we prepare it over an open fire.

Price from 1200-1800 SEK per person
around 3-4 hours

Snowmobile safari. We guarantee you’ll see 3 of the 4 largest animals – elk, reindeer, deer, wild boar. Coffee break & sandwiches.

Price from 900 SEK per person
around 3-4 hours

Snow bus safari. For those wanting to see the countryside but who do not want to drive a snowmobile themselves. See reindeer and wild boar. Lunch or dinner included.

Price from 500 SEK per person
Duration: around 2-3 hours

Together with our business partners we also offer dogsledding, horse-sledge, running rapids, wine/whisky tasting, massage, interesting lectures etc

Mariebergs Wild Country Farm & Adventure Centre, Marieberg 25, SE-952 92 Kalix, Sweden. Ph: +46 (0)923-270 66 info@viltfarmen.se