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The War-time museum

During the Second World War, half a million Swedish men were in military preparedness along the Kalix line. We felt this interesting cultural-historical heritage was worth preserving.

In 1999, work began on a war-time museum in an area out in the Game Preserve (Vilthägnet). The museum boasts a collection of authentic barracks and buildings from the war years and 50 or so vehicles. You can visit the area yourself, but we recommend the guided tour in which we share some local history and tall tales.

We also offer activities with or without overnight accommodation based on the theme of Military Preparedness - perfect for that surprise kick-off.

 Prices (SEK)


60 for adults, 120 for families

Guided groups:

600 (approx. I hour)



Mariebergs Wild Country Farm & Adventure Centre, Marieberg 25, SE-952 92 Kalix, Sweden. Ph: +46 (0)923-270 66 info@viltfarmen.se