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How to get here

If you’re coming from Luleå
Follow the E4 northbound.
About 3km after Töre you’ll see two signs, Kamlunge 11 and Bondersbyn 7, where you turn left. Follow the road towards Bondesbyn for 7km until you cross the bridge over the river. Immediately after the bridge there is a T-junction at which you also turn left. You’ll find the chalet site about 3km on the left. Should you miss this turning you will have another chance along the E4. Turn off at the Åkroken interchange and follow the road along the river towards Morjärv. There are two signs on the E4: Morjärv 26 and Viltfarm 9. This route is about 10km longer.


If you are coming from Överkalix /Kiruna
Follow the E10 southbound.
In Morjärv turn left towards Kalix and follow the road along the river. The chalet site is 17km on the right.


If you’re coming from Haparanda
Follow the E4 past Kalix.
About 9km from the Kalix roundabout, turn right where it says Morjärv 26 and Viltfarm 9 (Åkroken interchange). The chalet site is 9km on the left.


From Kallax out to the E4
Finding the E4 could be a bit tricky. From Kallax begin by driving towards Luleå (follow the flow). When you reach the first roundabout after about 5km turn left (not towards Luleå centre). Follow the road until you come to a T-junction where you turn right and drive over an arched bridge (Gäddviksbron). After about 2 km turn right again (signposted either Haparanda or Kiruna), which brings you onto the E4. After about 40 minutes’ drive you reach Töre after which you follow the instructions above under ”If you’re coming from Luleå.


Mariebergs Wild Country Farm & Adventure Centre, Marieberg 25, SE-952 92 Kalix, Sweden. Ph: +46 (0)923-270 66 info@viltfarmen.se